Campus Dialogue Fund

Start a conversation about important issues!

The Campus Dialogue Fund provides funding to bring speakers that address issues relevant to the campus, such as social justice, oppression, human and civil rights. 

Campus Dialogue Fund Board

A review board comprised of college, graduate and professional students meet regularly throughout the academic year to review funding applications for the CDF fund. 

Funding Applications

The Campus Dialoge Fund is currently on hold.


The idea of the Campus Dialogue originated from the work of the Ad Hoc Committee of Campus and Student Life, Student Government, and the Alliance for Student and Community Rights. This committee was convened in response to an incident in which a 4th year African-American student was arrested in the Regenstein Library. During the course of the committee’s existence, it became important to the committee members for the campus to encourage dialogue and understanding of different perspectives and experiences. The Campus Dialogue Fund, which is supported by Campus and Student Life, is a way of encouraging such conversations to continue.

Topics of interest have included: the university experience of students of color, immigration issues, and racial profiling. Topics and areas of interest may change over time, particularly as issues and concerns arise that are inspired by current events. The Fund is intended to provide support for speakers and dialogue on a wide variety of topics that speak directly to the unique intellectual climate of the University; are directly rooted in campus culture; address both theory and practice; provide a balanced viewpoint; and explore relationships with community.

Topics must appeal to a broad range of students and could include education, access, disparity; racial bias; class privilege; justice, equality, and fairness; healthcare; housing; income inequality; religious diversity; non-partisan political topics; immigration; LGBTQ equality; free speech/expression; topics specific to cultural communities; campus climate; racial profiling and police accountability.