RISE. Reflect. Intervene. Speak. Engage.

Campus and Student Life’s campus-wide diversity awareness initiative, RISE. Reflect. Intervene. Speak. Engage., represents our shared commitment to the values of respect and free expression as a University community.

RISE encourages the University community to reflect on and to challenge assumptions about the role of class, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability, and other aspects of identity. Through RISE, we will examine our differences — recognizing both the tensions they create, and the fundamental role those differences play in creating the rich and free exchange of ideas that is a hallmark of this University. It will continue to help to shape how members of our community think about the world, and provide a foundation for our students as they enter life after the University.

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Through the RISE initiative, Campus and Student Life is dedicated to raising awareness about campus events and opportunities for reflection and conversation about important issues, particularly those that challenge our assumptions and help us to examine our differences.

RISE reflects the many ways that our campus engages on the topic of diversity. All members of the campus community are invited to submit their events for promotion as part of the RISE iniative. Learn more

Upcoming Events

View upcoming events for more information on RISE keynote lectures, small group conversations, and other events across the campus that are part of the RISE initiative. Learn more