Discrimination, Harassment & Sexual Misconduct

Discrimination, including harassment, sexual assault, and other types of sexual misconduct, compromises the integrity of the University. Sexual misconduct may violate the law, does violate the standards of our community, and is unacceptable at the University of Chicago. Sexual misconduct can be devastating to the person who experiences it directly and can be traumatic to the person's family, friends, and the larger community as well.  In instances of sexual misconduct, special resources are available to help students and other members of the University community.  Every effort is made to preserve privacy and respect a person’s wishes.  

Sexual Assault

The University's definition of sexual assault includes the State of Illinois Criminal Code's current terminology and definitions of both sexual assault (frequently referred to as rape) and sexual abuse. The University incorporates the State's very explicit definitions of several important terms and recognizes that sexual assault is not a gender-specific crime.

Find more information on University policies and resources relating to sexual harassment and misconduct:

If you’ve been sexually assaulted:

Sexual Assault Dean on Call: 834-HELP (4357).
UCPD: 123 (on-campus) or (773) 702-8181