Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention

Mission Statement and Overview

The mission of Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention at the University of Chicago is to promote healthy gender relations through dialogue and education and to work toward the elimination of sexual violence. The scope of issues RSVP addresses is quite broad, ranging from dating (including communication and sexual decision-making), to prevention and awareness of sexual assault (especially acquaintance rape), stalking, and relationship violence.

RSVP provides the University of Chicago with a wide range of informative and helpful programming aimed at combatting sexual violence and supporting survivors. To this end, RSVP disseminates information about policies and resources; hosts interactive, educational workshops and activities; collaborates with like-missioned student groups; and intervenes both structurally and on the ground on behalf of students. RSVP also trains students from all degree programs and divisions with the skills they need to become effective activists, both on campus and off. In this way, RSVP puts to action the University’s commitment to educate people of all genders in an environment free of gender-based and sexual violence.

Opportunities for Education and Participation

Learn through RSVP’s Free Workshops

Your house, sorority, fraternity, RSO, or other campus organization deserves to know the truth about sexual violence and how we can combat it. Educate your group! Currently, RSVP is offering two workshops: The “Condom Czar” presentation and “Recognizing Rape Culture.” Learn more about these workshops and request them here.

Participate in RSVP and Campus Events

RSVP is proud to bring impactful programming to campus all year long. From co-sponsoring UChicago’s annual Sexual Assault Awareness Week, to collaborating with Greek organizations to eliminate sexual violence on campus, RSVP’s events engage in meaningful discussion and action. Learn more about our upcoming and past events here

Join RSVP’s Team

The RSVP Peer Education Program offers undergraduate and graduate students of all genders the opportunity to become activists on their own campus and beyond. The program provides a vehicle for students to grow as gifted leaders in facilitating discussions and educating peers about sexual violence prevention. Find out more about how to get involved with RSVP here.

Get Involved in Ending Sexual Violence on Campus and Beyond

Students and faculty have countless opportunities to volunteer, raise awareness, and take action about issues relating to preventing sexual harassment, assault, and dating violence, both on campus through RSOs and in the greater Chicago area. Find out more about these opportunities here.

Policies and Resources

Official Campus Policies and Resources

You can find information about how the University of Chicago works to prevent sexual violence and support survivors through campus policy, as well as many other University resources, here.

For more information about RSVP, please contact Vickie R. Sides, the Director of RSVP. Find the Policy on Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct here.

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