2013 Winner: Trudi Langendorf

The Marlene F. Richman Award recognizes University of Chicago staff members who demonstrate the highest levels of dedication, care and compassion in the service of students. The winner of this award exemplifies the qualities demonstrated by Marlene F. Richman during her decades of untiring effort to guide students in the articulation and achievement of their dreams, to be a true friend and leader to colleagues, and to promote students' happiness and well-being.  

Caption: Award winner Trudi Langendorf with Marlene Richman and Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services Karen Warren Coleman

Trudi Langendorf is an Assistant Director at the University Community Service Center. She was the unanimous choice by a committee of students, Area Deans of Students, and CSL staff members. As evidenced by the heartfelt nominations students submitted, Langendorf has been and remains a major source of support for students at the University Community Service Center. 

One student’s nomination simply said, “Trudi…makes me feel at home in Chicago.”

Several talked about Langendorf's effect on their development: “She has taught me more about being a good student and a good person than any other individual.”

Another nominator wrote about how effectively Langendorf assists students in reaching their goals: “Trudi must have some magic powers, because she is always there making wonderful things happen.”

Other nominations focused on her kindness and dedication: “Not only is she the nicest person that I know on campus, she will go to the ends of the earth for her students.” “…she listens to students…she always finds the time to sit down with them and talk them through their problem.” “I know of no person who is more looked up to as a source of stability and calm.” 

Trudi Langendorf was honored at the annual Campus and Student Life picnic on June 21. She received an award certificate, an extra service payment and her permanently inscribed on a placard on the Marlene F. Richman award plaque at the Reynolds Club.