Campus and Student Life Identity Guidelines

Campus and Student Life strives to maintain a consistent and comprehensive graphic identity that provides clarity and recognition of who we are and and a seamless experience for all who interact with Campus and Student Life and our Program and Service areasThe following guidelines convey and build on the look, feel, visual elements and character of the University and Campus and Student Life websites and identity.


  • When referencing the organization, please use “Campus and Student Life” on first reference. It is not accurate to use “Office of Campus and Student Life.”

  • The acronym “CSL” is appropriate on second reference in some cases, such as in print and electronic communications within the university.

  • “Campus and Student Life” should be used in all formal correspondence. 

Visual Identity Guidelines

A consistent and comprehensive identity provides clarity, recognition, and a seamless experience when interacting with the University of Chicago and Campus and Student Life. The following identity elements are a starting point for strengthening connections between the University and its audiences.

University of Chicago identity guidelines 

Campus and Student Life Logos

The Campus and Student Life logo is for use by University of Chicago Campus and Student Life Program and Service areas on all official print and digital communications and signage.  

Using the Logo on Dark and /or Colored B​ackgrounds

PLEASE NOTE: When placing the logo on dark and/or colored backgrounds, use the logo files named “White.” The logo should always appear white or lighter than the background color (the shield will be outlined and the book and phoenix white or lighter in color than the background).



Signature Placement and Sizing:

The logo should be placed once within all communications in the following preferred order:

  1. Lower left corner
  2. Upper right corner
  3. Upper left corner
  4. Lower right corner

The logo should appear at roughly 1/3 of the total width of the document on which it is placed. The sieve line should fall on the right edge of the 1/3 space. When the logo appears in the lower left corner, it should be no more than 1/4" from bottom edge and 1/8" from left edge. 

Logos for Program and Service Areas

Graphic-based logos

Any graphic-based logos for all Program and Service areas should include Campus and Student Life as part of their logo. 

Signature System

All Program and Service areas within Campus and Student Life should have logos created using the Signature System. 

Formatting for Signature System logos

The Campus and Student Life Program and Service area logos should be resized and placed according to the above guidelines.