First-year Students

Getting Involved

Check out Campus and Student Life’s Get Involved page for opportunities to engage with communities of your choice on campus. 

Getting Around Campus and Chicago

The University of Chicago is a 215-acre campus located in the Hyde Park community on Chicago’s South Side.  Exploring our campus and greater Chicago community are essential to the student experience.  Use the following information, mapping and transportation tools to find your way around these communities. 

Living on Campus

The University of Chicago House System plays an important role in a student's academic and social adjustment to College. All first year students live in the University House System to help facilitate their transition to life at the University. 

Dining On Campus

The University of Chicago’s community based, residential dining program is an important way that residents connect throughout the day.

Adjusting to Campus

Adjusting to living away from home can be tough. The University has a wealth of resources to help students adjust to life on campus. 

Community Resources

The University of Chicago’s demonstrated commitment to including a diversity of perspectives contributes to the richness of life on campus. Explore the many communities, programs, activities, organizations and opportunities that you can take part of as a UChicago student. 

Having Fun

UChicago has a vibrant campus life, full of activities, organizations, events and diversity. Students also can explore the greater Hyde Park community and Chicago neighborhoods and attractions. 

Academic Resources

The University of Chicago’s academics prepare you for whatever path you choose to pursue. 

Additional Resources