2014 Winner: Joyce Kuechler

The Marlene F. Richman Award recognizes University of Chicago staff members who demonstrate the highest levels of dedication, care and compassion in the service of students. The winner of this award exemplifies the qualities demonstrated by Marlene F. Richman during her decades of untiring effort to guide students in the articulation and achievement of their dreams, to be a true friend and leader to colleagues, and to promote students' happiness and well-being. 

The nominations for Joyce Kuechler were impressive and filled with stories of all the thoughtful ways she has had an impact on students’ lives at UChicago.

From being an advocate for students to ensuring the department runs smoothly, Joyce is always thinking about what students need in order to be successful.

One student summed her up this way, “Joyce is a rare mixture of compassion and practical advice.”  Others talked about her dependability: “Not only does she make sure the department runs smoothly, but she makes sure that as students, we are kept abreast of what is going on.” “Her responses to student questions and problems are fast and reliable.”  And many nominations mentioned her supportiveness: “She is extraordinary in helping the students in almost every aspect in their life.” “Joyce provides structure and aid to students who come to her.” “Joyce is so sensitive to the needs of students in the department.”  “Joyce is our fiercest advocate.”