Virtue, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life

All of us know what it is like to lead very busy lives, where each work day brings a new list of things to do and deadlines to meet.  What is more rare is to enjoy full lives - lives where the ordinary business of trying to be a decent person, to enjoy some success professionally, and to take some real satisfaction from one day to the next. Enjoying a full life allows for a sense of meaning and occasions for genuine joy.  Dr. Candace Vogler will lead us in a discussion of the relations between our efforts to be good people, our possibilities for deep happiness, and our prospects for a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives.

Dr. Vogler is the David B. and Clara E. Stern Professor of Philosophy and Professor in the College at the University of Chicago, and Principal Investigator on "Virtue, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life," a project funded by the John Templeton Foundation.  

This professional development opportunity is offered in partnership with the Hyde Park Institute ( which serves to enhance the role of moral philosophical thinking throughout the University of Chicago community with an eye toward integrating intellectual, professional, and moral development.