Belinda Cortez Vazquez

Associate Dean of Students in the University for Student Affairs and Director of Student Emergency Response Systems
T: 773.834.9710

Lynda Daher

Assistant Dean of Students in the University for Student Affairs and Associate Director for UChicago HELP
T: 773.702.8762

Vickie Sides

Director of Education and Outreach, Assistant Dean of Students, Equal Opportunity Programs
T: 773.834.7738

Ravi Randhava

Associate Provost and Executive Director of the Center for Identity + Inclusion
T: 773.702.7774

Holly Bland

Director, Graduate Admissions, UChicago GRAD

Dana Bozeman

Director of Diversity and Inclusion, UChicago GRAD
T: 773.834.8021

Emily Easton

Lead Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Finance & Administration

Joanne Nee

Director of Professional Accountability in the Department of Safety and Security
T: 773.795.3882

Patricia Guadelupe Nieves

Associate Director, Office of Event Services
T: 773.702.3418

Aleksandra Ninova-Parris

Aleksandra Ninova-Parris

Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Physical Sciences Division

Tiana Pyer-Pereira

Associate Director of Advancement and Diversity in the Office of the Provost
T: 773.702.6015

Jaemin Robertson

Jaemin Robertson

Assistant Director of Residence Life, Renee Granville-Grossman

Loreal Robertson

Loreal E. Robertson

Assistant Dean of Students, Diversity and Inclusion, Division of the Humanities
T: 773.702.8351

Jigna Shah

Assistant Dean of Rockefeller Chapel and Director of Spiritual Life
T: 773. 834.1885

Tobias Spears

Assistant Dean in Biological Sciences Division, Office of Diversity & Inclusion
T: 773.834.1005

Kenyatta Tatum-Futterman

Youth Program Coordinator, Office of Risk Management