High-Profile Events

Deans-on-Call and Sexual Assault Deans-on-Call work to support high-profile events, which include events that involve special security arrangements, have a large number of participants, and/or have the potential to be controversial or attract attention from media outlets.

During high-profile and special events, the Dean-on-Call may be called upon to actively preserve an environment of spirited and open discourse and debate, allowing for the opportunity to have all participants contribute to the intellectual exchange and full participation in an event in accordance with the University’s commitment to free expression.

What Are Examples of High-Profile Events?

High-profile events include events in which participants, presenters, or attendees are:

  • Government officials (e.g. sitting and former heads of state, governors, federal judges)
  • Leaders of large organizations (e.g. CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a Catholic Cardinal, the Chair of the NAACP)
  • Well-known celebrities or artists
  • Highly controversial and likely to attract protest

They include events that:

  • Have drawn heightened attention on other campuses or in other venues.
  • Have a controversial subject matter likely to attract organized protest.
  • Are likely or intended to garner significant media attention.
  • Expect an attendance of 400 or more people.
  • Discuss sensitive topics surrounding gender-based violence.

High-profile events also include events that have high security measures, such as:

  • UCPD and/or Allied Universal presence.
  • Involvement of US Secret Service or other national, state, local, or foreign security agency.
  • Speakers or guests who travel with personal or private security details.

Request a Dean-on-Call for Your Events

Deans-on-Call can provide additional monitoring so that the event planners and venue managers can focus on ensuring that the program proceeds as planned. To request Dean-on-Call services for your event, fill out the DOC Special Event Form or attend a bi-weekly high-profile events meeting, where we review all high-profile events scheduled to occur in the upcoming weeks. Contact Cassie Kramer for meeting information at cnkramer@uchicago.edu.

After reviewing your request, we may schedule time for an event review meeting, during which we will walk through the particular events or series of events to discuss the possible need for Dean-on-Call or Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call staffing. There is no fee for this service.

Other Event Security Options

The University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) Special Events Unit processes requests for special event security. To request security for your event, fill out the Event Security Form. Once the request has been submitted to the UCPD Special Events Unit, you may be contacted for further information. There is a fee for this service.

You may also request UCEMS coverage for your event. After completing the form, please email  ucems.unitoperations@gmail.com to receive confirmation that UCEMS will be able to staff the event. There is no fee for this service.

For More Information

For more information contact Lynda Daher, Assistant Dean of Students in the University and Associate Director, Student Emergency Response Systems, at 773.702.8762 or ldaher@uchicago.edu.