Spiritual Life

Spiritual practice is an important part of life for many University of Chicago students: finding a place to meditate, observing a rhythm to the week, being part of a prayer service or minyan. And then there are those late night conversations about big philosophical questions, and about the complex changes in global human religious encounter that we see across the world today.

The Spiritual Life Office offers a rich variety of information and programming related to spirituality and religion, broadly construed. You can connect with advisors from the world’s many traditions, attend formal religious gatherings, engage in inquiry or intriguing conversation, join student organizations, and find inspiring spaces for contemplation.

Our campus is home to students from 72 different countries, and there are more than 60 student organizations and informal networks linked to Spiritual Life. This broad spectrum of belief and practice creates a vibrant culture that adds to the sense of campus diversity.

Visit the Spiritual Life website or contact them for more information.