Lunch With Admins

April 18, 2017

College Council has secured times for undergraduate students to speak with select administrators. There are many issues that affect The College, so college council is inviting relevant administrators to speak with students from noon to 1:30 on the Tuesdays of fifth, sixth, and seventh weeks. Each Tuesday will have a different topic so that the appropriate administrators can be present. The topics are as follows: Health and Counseling, Financial Aid & Student Employment, and Campus Values (free speech, political climate, etc.)

Selected students will have lunch with relevant administrators to ask questions and discuss ideas.

In order to prevent repetitive questions at this unique event, please fill out this short application by April 20. Participants will be informed by April 21 if they have been selected.

Topics being discussed:

Tuesday April 25 (noon- 1:30) : Health and Counseling

Tuesday May 2 (noon- 1:30) : Financial Aid and Student Employment

Tuesday May 16 (noon- 1:30) : Campus Values