University to remain open tomorrow, February 2

February 1, 2015

To: Faculty, students, and staff
From: Eric D. Isaacs, Provost, and Karen Warren Coleman, Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services
Subject: University to remain open tomorrow, February 2
Date: February 1, 2015

The University and its facilities will remain open and classes will go on as scheduled tomorrow, February 2. Although we expect there will be some complications as the region recovers from today’s storm, forecasts indicate that conditions will improve overnight. We encourage all faculty, students, and staff to use caution as they make their way to classes and work.

Understanding that flexibility may be needed in some cases, faculty who feel that they cannot safely reach campus in time for their morning classes should inform their students and departments as appropriate. We also ask faculty and instructors to take into consideration challenges some students may face. Individual staff members who are unable to make it to campus should consult with their supervisors. For all who are moving around campus, please use extra care, especially on and near streets.

The Medical Center, its clinics and hospital will remain open and continue normal operations. Clinical faculty and staff who have difficulties with travel should consult their supervisors either to request assistance with transportation or to make plans for coverage.

Because the age of its student population presents particular concerns, the Laboratory Schools will be closed tomorrow. University Charter School campuses will follow Chicago Public Schools’ decision for tomorrow.

Any significant changes or campus-wide updates will be posted to the University’s homepage. Thank you for your patience, and again, please plan ahead and use appropriate caution as you make your way to campus.