Voter Registration Information

October 5, 2020

To: All Students
From: Michele Rasmussen, Dean of Students in the University
Subject: Voter Registration Information
Date: October 5, 2020

Dear Students,

With Election Day approaching on November 3, I am writing to provide you with information about voter registration in accordance with the federal Higher Education Act.

Voting is a fundamental expression of being an engaged citizen of the United States. It is an important commitment we hope all eligible students will embrace.

University of Chicago students residing in Illinois are eligible to vote in Illinois or in their home state. UChicago partners with TurboVote, a non-partisan platform that assists users in registering to vote, requesting absentee ballots, and voting by mail. For more information, please visit

Additionally, the student-led initiative UChiVotes is a non-partisan, campus-wide effort to increase voter registration and participation. Their website,, has information about registering, polling places, and answers to frequently asked questions. Irrespective of your eligibility to vote in this election, you can get involved in their organizing effort as a voting ambassador to help galvanize your peers.

All students are encouraged to learn more and get involved. If you have questions about registering to vote, please contact

Michele Rasmussen
Dean of Students in the University