Learning Beyond the Classroom

By Kate Blankinship

Behind the scenes at major University events, living in dorms, and in classes are student Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs). Each student EMR is a member of the University of Chicago Emergency Medical Services (UCEMS), an RSO that staffs events like Summer Breeze and Convocation and hosts an EMR course each quarter. During this course, students learn everything required to become EMR and Basic Life Support certified, such as the fundamentals of first aid, emergency response, and CPR/AED usage.

Collaborating Across Differences

By Anne Hartman Raether

Students tackle three personal questions—who are you, who do others think you are, and who do you pretend to be—at the start of the spring Modus Vivendi retreat, setting the tone for a program that encourages students to engage in pointed conversations and explore how their personal experiences impact their values and how they view others.

Creating Community

By Kate Blankinship

There are approximately 5,800 undergraduates at the University of Chicago. Each of these undergraduates has one thing in common—they know someone who’s a Resident Assistant (RA), whether they’re friends with an RA or have only come into contact with their own.

RAs arguably have one of the most important and hardest student jobs on campus. They take on a role that converts them from just being students whose main job is to take classes to being students responsible for other students.

Cooking and Camaraderie

By Anne Hartman

Photos by Camelia Malkami

Saturday of Homecoming Weekend had the makings of a perfect day: Sunny skies with a nearly 80 degree temperature, a campus bustling with students and parents clad in maroon, and a friendly competition that pitted dining commons chefs against each other. The chefs teamed up with members of the UChicago Dining Grill Club for the University’s first Weber Grill Competition, and the delicious results had guests scraping their plates clean.

Mental Health: A Different Approach to First Aid

By Anne Hartman

For fourth-year Madison Olmsted, being a resident assistant can involve serving as an informal counselor—one who’s comfortable with broaching sensitive topics like mental health or substance abuse and can recommend resources for support. To prepare for her role, Olmsted, along with her fellow RAs, participated in Health Promotion and Wellness’ Mental Health First Aid training, an eight-hour course that’s available to everyone in the UChicago community and teaches the skills needed to understand and respond to signs of mental illness.


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