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Sexual Harassment and Violence Resources and Information Index

Annual Security & Fire Safety Report
The University's campus safety report, Annual Security & Fire Safety Report, includes information about campus programs to prevent sex offenses and procedures to follow when sex offenses occur; and information regarding reporting of criminal activity; along with information regarding the location of a list of registered sex offenders residing in Chicago.

Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call
The Sexual Assault Deans-on-Call are specifically trained as Sexual Assault Survivor Advocates through the Rape Victim Advocates program to assist and support a student who has been sexually assaulted. A Sexualt Assualt Dean-on-Call can be reached through the University Police by dialing 123 from a campus phone or calling (773) 702-8181.

Student Manual of University Policies and Regulations
This manual contains the university document "Policy and Procedures of the University of Chicago Concerning Sexual Harassment."

The Student Manual also includes information about the disciplinary process for students.

Student Health Service
The Student Health Service provides general and preventative health care to University of Chicago students under the Student Life Fee. Students seeking medical care after a recent sexual assault are encouraged to seek immediate care at an emergency department for medical assessment and evidentiary exam. The SHS is unable to perform evidentiary examinations. Students who choose not to seek immediate care or who require follow-up care can request an urgent medical provider appointment at SHS by calling (773) 702-4156. Sexual assault services at the SHS can include a general health check-up, STI/HIV screening, provision of post-exposure prophylaxis against sexually transmitted infection, emergency contraception, and health counseling.

Student Counseling Service (SCS)
The Student Counseling Service provides short-term counseling, medication consultation, and referrals to all registered students and their dependents who have paid the student health fee. We also have information about sexual assault survivor support groups in the Chicago area. Students seeking counseling after a recent sexual assault can be seen on an emergency walk-in basis. Counseling is also available for students who have experienced sexual assault at any point in their past.

LGBTQ Student Life
You'll find the range of resources available for the LGBTQ community at the University of Chicago. Learn about the programs, materials, and organizations designed to support all aspects of your life here, including your studies, health, social life, religious life, identity associations, and career goals. The University is committed to providing the kinds of support LGBTQ students need and want, and this website will help you find the resources that best suit you.

Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention
Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) was created to promote healthy gender relations through education and dialogue. We hold that sexual violence requires a response from the entire community. To that end, we provide an engaging student-led program for various campus organizations about how to actively prevent sexual violence and promote healthy gender relations.