Gender-Based Violence: Strategies for Preventing, Intervening, and Resolving at UChicago

What is Gender-Based Violence?

Violence is gender-based when it is intentionally directed at a person because of his or her gender or when it disproportionally affects people of a certain gender. Common forms of gender-based violence include domestic and dating violence, sexual violence, stalking, and violence based on gender stereotypes.

Event Description

The issue of gender-based violence is a challenge for colleges and universities across the country, and institutions of higher education are facing increasing pressure to address these issues in a compassionate, competent, and compliant manner.  Come learn how CSL addresses these issues at UChicago through a multi-disciplinary approach. 

Vickie, Belinda, and Jeremy will use specific examples to highlight prevention, intervention, and resolution strategies for gender-based violence.  This session will provide an opportunity for CSL staff to get information, ask questions, and understand the resources in place that address gender-based violence.  

This session will cover:

  • Responding to reports of gender-based misconduct 
  • Supporting those that have experienced gender-based misconduct 
  • Educational efforts
  • Formal and informal resolution options at UChicago