Chicago and UChicago: Social Change through the City's Campus

Throughout its history, the University has been a leader in driving social impact, and faculty, students, and staff have played a critical role. From urban planning and public safety initiatives, to remedies for homelessness and hunger, the people of UChicago have successfully navigated the nexus of theory and practice to drive social change.
This event is an opportunity for CSL staff to gain insight into how the University works with students to make a positive difference in our communities, and to gain a framework for thinking about how to engage with students on issues of social justice, advocacy, and community service. 
The University Community Service Center (UCSC) helps students understand how to effectively and ethically contribute to social change. This session will expose staff to the framework used by UCSC as well as best practices in engaging with students on these issues. Xavier Ramey will lead a discussion detailing the historical social issues that have challenged the City of Chicago, the role the University has played in addressing several of these issues, and how UCSC is changing the way students and the city think about driving social change.