Understanding Our Strengths: A Tool for Students and Staff

In this session, we will use results of the StrengthsQuest online assessment to explore our own strengths, learn how to engage students in a conversation about their strengths, and discuss how we can incorporate StrengthsQuest into the work of our individual departments. The StrengthsQuest instrument provides you the opportunity to discover your natural talents and begin to explore how to build on them to achieve your personal and career goals. Provided by the Gallup Organization, this online assessment identifies your Top 5 talents and then provides examples of how you may be able to build upon those strengths and leverage them to maximize your success. 

For the last three years, the Center for Leadership and Involvement has used the StrengthsQuest instrument as a tool to engage students in a conversation regarding their personal leadership styles and strengths, and has provided a StrengthsQuest access code to every incoming College student.