2019 Winner: Milvia Rodriguez

Milvia Rodriguez

The Marlene F. Richman Award recognizes University of Chicago staff members who demonstrate the highest levels of dedication, care, and compassion in the service of students. The winner of this award exemplifies the qualities demonstrated by Marlene F. Richman during her decades of untiring effort to guide students in the articulation and achievement of their dreams, to be a true friend and leader to colleagues, and to promote students' happiness and well-being.

The 2019 winner is Milvia Rodriguez, the Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Academic Advising, and Financial Aid at the Harris School of Public Policy. Milvia serves as an academic advisor for the Masters in Public Policy program and oversees student financial aid and advising and processing. In addition, she provides staff support to a number of student organizations, including Minorities in Public Policy, Latin American Matters, and Black Action for Public Policy. 

Milvia was praised by her student nominators as a staff member who shows a genuine interest in students' well-being. Several mentioned her supportive participation in many student events, even on evenings and weekends - from playing piano at the Follies (an annual comedy event at Harris) to celebrating Black History Month. 

One nominator wrote, “Milvia is committed to student success: whether academic, career, or personal. She supports students in whatever way they need—whether offering a friendly greeting in the hall, or through a specific academic-related request.”

Another nominator wrote, “Milvia makes herself available to anyone and everyone. Her warmth and care are apparent in every interation. Her support goes beyond that of an academic advisor. She shows that she cares about her students by attending our events, occasionally bringing us homemade treats, offering to connect us with her network, and counseling and comforting us in times of overwhelming stress.”

2019 Nominees:

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  • Emily Easton, UChicagoGRAD
  • Zoe Eisenman, Graham School
  • Nichole Fazio, Center for College Research and Fellowships
  • Anne Gamboa, Committee on Social Thought
  • Nicole Horn, Harris School of Public Policy
  • Lisa Malvin, Graham School
  • Stefani Metos, Master of the Arts Program in Social Sciences
  • Kyla Norcross, Law School
  • Alyssa Padilla-Drexler, Department of Art History
  • Clare Pearson, Graham School
  • Adam Rose, Graham School
  • Kalee Schelkopf, UChicagoGRAD
  • Amy Thomas Elder, Graham School
  • Claudia Traudt, Graham School
  • Jan Watson, Graham School
  • Abbie Willard, Law School
  • Justin Williams, Logan Media Center
  • Duke Yoon, Graham School
  • Amanda Young, Department Of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations