Student Resources During Spring Quarter

Staff from Campus and Student Life and across the University share resources students can take advantage of during Spring Quarter and ways in which they can stay engaged and connected virtually.

Student Health and Counseling: Options for Care

Dr. Meeta Kumar, Director of the Student Counseling Service, and Dr. Marius Commodore, Medical Director of the Student Health Service, discuss how students can access medical and mental health care during Spring Quarter. Watch the video here.

Staying Well: Wellness, Spiritual Life, Recreation and Fitness

Julie Edwards, Director of Health Promotion and Wellness; Jigna Shah, Director of Spiritual Life; and Brian Bock, Associate Director of Athletics, Recreation and Fitness, share ways students can improve their mental and physical wellbeing during Spring Quarter. Watch the video here.

UChicagoGRAD: Staying Connected to Resources

Brooke Noonan, Executive Director of UChicagoGRAD, explains how grad students can stay connected and access resources during the remote Spring Quarter. Watch the video here.

Student Ombudspersons: A Resource for All UChicago Students

Student Ombudsperson Ashlin Kamoe and Associate Student Ombudspersons Sarath Pillai and Jon Bullock discuss the ways in which the Office of the Student Ombudsperson can assist students throughout the Spring Quarter.

Staying Involved and Connected During Spring Quarter

Chloe Binder, Director of Orientation and Student Development; Jimmy Brown, Director of the Center for Leadership and Involvement; and Ravi Randhava, Assistant Provost and Executive Director of the Center for Identity + Inclusion, speak about ways students can stay connected during Spring Quarter.

Emergency Support: UChicago HELP, Financial Assistance Programs, and Food Security

UChicago HELP Director Belinda Cortez Vazquez, University Bursar Jennifer Waters, Student Support Services Director Ireri Rivas, and Center for College Student Success Director Devon Moore share ways students can access emergency support.

Career Advancement: Opportunities for Professional Development

Patrick Phillips, an associate director in the Office of Career Advancement, shares ways students can pursue career and professional development opportunities.

Receiving Academic Support through the College

Kathy Forde, Director of Academic Advising; Nichole Fazio, Executive Director of the College Center for Research and Fellowships; and Devon Moore, Director for the Center for College Student Success, share ways students can find academic support through their offices.