2020 Marlene F. Richman Award Winner: Julie Feder

Julie is the executive administrator for the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics. She has touched the lives of countless UChicago students, particularly in her role as the director of the Beckman Scholars Program, which gives students the opportunity to work full-time in a research lab alongside other undergraduate researchers. Julie is a constant, ever-reliable champion of Beckman Scholars—from guiding these students through the program’s rigorous interview process with her encouraging feedback to offering her sage advice on their post-graduation plans. While the Beckman Scholars Program has limited spaces available for students, nominators were quick to point out that Julie organized a summer program for students who applied but weren’t chosen for the program to give them the opportunity to engage in research as well.

Student nominators described Julie as kind and reassuring and praised her responsiveness to students’ concerns and questions and her deep investment in students’ success. One student nominator wrote, “the same problems that I am not prepared to share with other mentors I can share with Julie without second thought. Not only does she respond with sympathy, she also provides examples of similar troubles she has encountered.”

Another student nominator wrote, “Everyone who has been part of the physical or biological sciences communities at UChicago has been positively touched by Julie; her cheerful attitude, availability to students, unyielding belief in our potential, and earnest efforts toward our academic and personal success are unmatched by anyone I've met during my time in college.”

2020 Marlene F. Richman Award Nominees

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