Resources and Services: People of Color

Many of the resources listed in the general categories (Medical Treatment, Legal Advocacy, Counseling, and Support Groups) cater to people of color survivors. Below we list a couple of more people of color-specific resources that are not adequately described above.

Apna Ghar (Outside UChicago)

Free and confidential service for victims of domestic violence in the South Asian community
24-hour hotline: 1-800-717-0757 
4753 N. Broadway, Suite 518; Chicago, IL 60604 
Services: Comprehensive, multilingual social services and shelter to South Asian women and their children seeking lives free from sexual violence 
Residential services, Counseling and Parenting Education, Legal Advocacy, Case Management/Advocacy for Public Aid, Translation services in South Asian languages, Outreach and Prevention

Korean American Women in Need (KAN-WIN)

24-hour crisis line: 773-583-0880
P.O. Box 59133

Mujeres Latinas en Accion (Outside U. Chicago)

24-hour crisis line: 312-738-5358
1823 W. 17 th Street

Multilingual/People of Color Friendly Resources