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Free workshops: for students by students

Your sorority, fraternity, RSO, house, or other campus organization deserves to know the truth about sexual violence and how we can combat it. Educate your group! 

Workshops are conducted by trained Peer Educators – both men and women in a variety of degree programs at the University – who are knowledgeable and experienced in working on issues like gender relations, socialization, dating violence, racism, heterosexism, and sexual violence prevention. Workshops provide a safe place to discuss sensitive topics including: acquaintance rape prevention, gender in the media, healthy sexual communication, and the role of alcohol and other drugs in sexual assault. Sign up below to have our Peer Educators facilitate a workshop. 

Currently, RSVP is offering two workshops:

The “Condom Czar” presentation

  • Topics: Safe sexual practices, the basics of consent
  • Co-presented with the Wellness Peer Health Advocates
  • Time required: One hour

Recognizing Rape Culture

  • Topics: Gender roles, sexual violence prevalence, and consent in media
  • Presented by RSVP Peer Educators
  • Time required: Minimum one hour (can be modified to suit the time constraints of each group)

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