A Decade of Tea & Pipes

By Kate Blankinship

One of the University’s greatest assets is also one of its most unknown. Rockefeller Chapel houses the largest organ pipe in the Midwest, with 8,565 organ pipes ranging from five-eighths of an inch to 32 feet, which is equivalent to four stories tall.

Peggy Xu

By Kate Blankinship

Peggy Xu, a recent graduate, first came to campus on a cold, rainy prospective weekend. Despite the dreary weather, conversations had in the Crown House lounge convinced her UChicago was the place for her.

“I really fell for that whole life of the mind spirit and learning for the sake of learning,” she said. Xu’s love for the housing system continued past her time as a prospective student, as the Wendt House resident stayed in the dorm for three years, only moving off campus for her final year.

Rosalie Resch: From Student Athlete to Senior Associate Director

By Kate Blankinship

Rosalie Resch has spent 46 years at UChicago. She started in the classroom, on the fields, and on the courts. She was a pitcher in softball, a setter in volleyball, and played singles and doubles in badminton. Now she is the Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Budgeting and Finance, with this year marking her 42nd year working at the University.

Spirit Week Brings Together UChicago Community

By Andrew Bauld

This article originally appeared on UChicago News.

The UChicago community will have a chance to interact and reflect on a variety of religious and spiritual traditions through music, food and more during this year’s Spirit Week, which runs from April 20-30.

The week will feature events ranging from Muslim Friday prayers to a family celebration of Shabbat, and culminating with a public concert of music by University Professor Augusta Read Thomas at Rockefeller Chapel.

Peer Support

By Anne Hartman Raether

The UChicago Body Project’s hallmark workshop asks students a simple question: “What does an ideal body look like?”. In small groups, about 10 student participants discuss with peer leaders their thoughts on this query, and dive into further reflections about ideal standards, the cost of pursuing them, and the media’s influence on body image.

Learning Leadership

By Anne Hartman Raether

John Rudnik’s passion for the food and beverage industry was sparked during Sunday dinners with his grandma, whose traditional Italian fare demonstrated how food and drink can bring people together. As a UChicago student, Rudnik couldn’t swing a demanding restaurant job downtown, so he opted instead to pursue his interests while working at eX Libris Café, a student-run coffee shop in the Regenstein Library. After two years on the job, Rudnik, a fourth-year, has risen the ranks to become the café’s general manager.

A Home for the Holidays

By Anne Hartman Raether

Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States are bursting with traditions—from classic meals of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing to parades, family gatherings, and Black Friday shopping. International House’s Thanksgiving Homestay Program gives international students the chance to take part in the festivities.

Tunes from the Tower

By Anne Hartman Raether

When Simone Browne told her friends and family she had decided to give the carillon a try, they were puzzled. The second-year had stumbled across a Facebook post offering carillon lessons taught by members of the University of Chicago Guild of Carillonneurs at Rockefeller Chapel, and opted to give it a shot, intrigued by the fact that few knew what a carillon was, let alone how to play the instrument.


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