Allies in Training

By Anne Hartman

As director of the LGBTQ Student Life Office at University of Chicago, Tobias Spears is striving to make the campus a more inclusive place. For Spears, that means having the in-depth conversations, broaching complex issues, and answering the tough questions to help boost the campus community’s appreciation and support for our differences.

Ida Noyes Hall Foyer Named for Marion Talbot

By Anne Hartman

As Ida Noyes Hall marked its one hundredth anniversary in June 2016, its foyer was dedicated to honor Marion Talbot, a trailblazer for the education of women at the University who played a role in designing the building.

Talbot’s lasting impact on the University was lauded by Dean of the College John W. Boyer and Dr. Hanna Holborn Gray, former president of the University of Chicago and Harry Pratt Judson Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of History, during a dedication ceremony over UChicago Alumni Weekend.

Honoring the Past, Looking to the Future

By Anne Hartman

A choral library tucked in the back of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel holds every piece of music the chapel choir has sung—thousands of sheets of Bach classics, Civil War tunes, and commissioned pieces.

The Rockefeller Chapel Choir has existed as long as the chapel itself, and was there to sing Anton Bruckner’s “Locus Iste” when the chapel first opened its doors in 1928.

Discovering Leadership

By Anne Hartman

Tyler Chan hoped to gain a better understanding of himself and how he could use his strengths. Nala Bodden was looking to broaden her connections on campus. Liam Rossman wanted to be challenged to develop an innovative idea and see the project through.

These goals led Chan, Bodden, and Rossman—all first-years in the College—to join 27 of their peers in the Student Leadership Institute (SLI). Run through the Center for Leadership and Involvement, SLI is UChicago’s take on an emerging leadership program.

Community Ties

By Anne Hartman

The Woodlawn neighborhood borders the southern edge of UChicago’s campus, starting at 60th Street and stretching south for seven blocks. Despite its proximity, it can be unfamiliar territory for many students, as it once was for second-year Andrew Yin. Yin lives on the border of Woodlawn and Hyde Park, but rarely ventured outside of Hyde Park. His schedule left little time to explore Chicago, and he admits that as a student “it’s easy to live in a bubble.”

Changing the Conversation

By Anne Hartman

Madeline Klinger’s first quarter at UChicago was filled with uncertainty. She was lonely, and acclimating to campus life didn’t come as easily as she’d expected. Being unfamiliar with her professors’ grading styles, she thought she was failing her classes. And while she was struggling to adapt, her peers seemed to undergo the transition to college life with ease.

Practicing Stillness

By Anne Hartman

Photo by Robert Kozloff

As the campus awakens on a Monday morning, a small group gathers in Rockefeller Chapel and takes advantage of a rare opportunity: time away from screens and books. They have a chance to be still, enjoy the quiet, and temporarily forget the to-do list of the day ahead.

This is Twenty Minutes Still, a program offered by Spiritual Life each weekday morning. On this day, a group of eight students joined a volunteer facilitator who guided meditation in Rockefeller Chapel.


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