Peers Helping Peers

By Anne Hartman

Photo by Kiran Misra

There’s an often-referenced scenario that gets to the heart of sexual violence prevention work: Standing on the banks of a river, a group spots a distressed person being swept downstream. The bystanders pull the individual to shore, provide aid, and send them on. This happens several more times, before it occurs to the bystanders to go upstream and investigate the cause.

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

By Anne Hartman

Photos by Joel Wintermantle, Jean Lachat, and Xavier Ramey

Nearly sixty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. first stepped foot in Rockefeller Chapel. His Montgomery, Alabama, home had been bombed months earlier, but his words weren’t marked by hate or revenge; instead he called on the crowd to “resist with your heart and strength the forces of evil.”

Making UChicago Accessible

By Madison Lands
Photo by Robert Kozloff


Student Disability Services was once a low-profile office at UChicago, focused on serving students quickly and effectively. Awareness is changing now, thanks in part to the work of the Student Advisory Board, which is helping to draw attention to the valuable and essential services that Student Disability Services (SDS) offers.

2014-2015 Athletes of the Week

By Nathan Lindquist, Sports Information Director
August 11, 2015


More than 500 student-athletes currently attend the University of Chicago, and each one of them has a story to tell. Student-athletes on campus possess a unique combination of responsibilities and goals. As students first, they endeavor to be leaders in their field of study. As athletes, they strive to emerge victorious on the field of competition.

Summer on Campus

By Madison Lands
Photos by Beth Rooney 
August 20, 2015

Arguably the most memorable and exciting group on the UChicago campus this summer is the Digital Media Academy, purely by virtue of the fact that they are campers, varying from three to 17 years old,  learning computer programming. Yesy Garcia, an intern with the Summer Conferences Team in Residential Services, affectionately refers to them as her baby geniuses.

Campus North is Topped Off

By Suzelle Tempero, Director of Communications, Campus and Student Life


August 18, 2015

The Campus North Residential Commons project marked an important milestone recently with a topping off ceremony that gathered employees and staff from the University of Chicago, Mortenson Construction, and Studio Gang Architects.

The groups signed a large steel beam and cheered as it was lifted into place on the 15-story building. Construction is due to be completed in fall of 2016, in time to house College students near the center of campus.


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