Daily Life


There are a variety of on- and off-campus housing options available to members of the University of Chicago community. Learn more about housing options, including the University of Chicago House System.  


The University of Chicago has a comprehensive dining program that includes three residential dining halls, twelve cafes and two retail locations. The University’s unique urban location also means that there are diverse dining options within the Hyde Park community.

Fitness and Athletics

Participating in intramurals, varsity sports, or taking a physical fitness class can help you stay fit, have fun and engage with your community. Explore all the fitness and sports options available at the University. 

Getting Around 

The University of Chicago is a 215-acre campus located in the Hyde Park community on Chicago’s South Side. Use the following information, mapping and transportation tools to find your way around campus and our greater community.  

Safety and Security

The University takes measures to ensure a safe campus environment, but it is important to keep in mind that a level of responsibility for crime prevention and personal safety also rests with each individual. The information found at the resources below can help you stay safe.

Help Resources

From time to time, we all find ourselves in need of some assistance. The University has substantial support in place to help you when you need it. Visit our Get Help website [link] and use the resources below to find the assistance you need. 

Academic Resources

The University of Chicago’s academics prepare you for whatever path you choose to pursue. Access your academic information, get assistance or prepare for your next quarter using the following resources.

Community Resources

The University of Chicago community has always demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that students have an exemplary student experience outside of the classroom. Find activities and connect with organizations or communities that share your interests, perspectives and more using the resources below.