Health & Wellness

Medical Services

Good health is important to your academic and personal success. Please use the resources below for information on how to access urgent or routine medical care.

Mental and Emotional Health

Academic life can be stressful. When you are feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of being a student or by other stressors, seeking mental or emotional support can help. The following resources, support groups and communities can help you cope with stressful situations.

Spiritual Wellness

The University of Chicago provides a diverse network of spiritual support through the Spiritual Life Office to members of the campus community of any religious background and to those who seek spiritual life beyond traditional boundaries.

Fitness and Athletics

Participating in intramurals, varsity sports, or taking a physical fitness class can help you stay fit, have fun and engage with your community. Explore all the fitness and athletics options available at the University. 


Eating healthy food is important to your overall heath and wellness. The University offers a wide variety of healthy choices in the dining options on campus. Learn more about your dining options and how to make healthy food choices.

Alcohol and Substance Use

The University offers resources, policies and support groups to help those with alcohol and drug-related issues get the help they seek.

Crisis Response

The University provides support and resources for students in crisis. Please use the resources you need to get help.