Taking Care of Business

Academic Resources

The University of Chicago’s academics prepare you for whatever path you choose to pursue. Use the resources below to help navigate your academic career. 

Financial Resources

There are several resources available to students to help you manage your university financial accounts. 

Legal Resources

During your time as a University student, you may need additional resources to help you make informed decisions. The resources below can assist you in finding legal information or assistance and can help you make informed decisions on issues that may affect you during your daily life.

Computing and Access

The University offers a wealth of technical support, whether you’re in need of setting up a computer for the first time, have a question about an ID or need help with an ongoing problem. The resources below can help you get the computing or ID help you need. 

Planning an Event

Whether you want to host a small gathering, hold a demonstration, or host a large event for your organization, the University offers many resources to help you through this process. Visit the Office of Event Services website and other resources listed below for more information. 

International Resources

The University of Chicago prides itself on supporting a vibrant international community. You can access important information relating to your time at the University through the resources below.