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Prof. Robert Rosner will discuss the scientific milestone and its complex legacy in UChicago’s annual Aims of Education Address on Sept. 19.

UChicago News

With a new award from the National Science Foundation, the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division will test an innovative curriculum that focuses on hands-on learning in computational methods and how to use these tools in a rigorous and reproducible way.

UChicago News

As the moon made a rare trip across the sun, students, staff and alumni gathered on the Quads, behind the Eckhart Research Center, and in a field at the Laboratory Schools as “Total Eclipse of the Heart” rang across campus from the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel carillon.


The approaching 75th anniversary of that first nuclear reactor provides an unusual opportunity for our community to reflect on the meaning of the scientific feat and its complex legacy, which continues to impact world affairs

Provost Daniel Diermeier writes to the campus community about the necessary actions the University takes to prevent, correct, and, where indicated, take disciplinary action regarding unlawful discrimination and sexual misconduct.

Michele Rasmussen, Dean of Students in the University, writes to students affected by Hurricane Irma.