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The University of Chicago Library has launched a new online catalog and library management system designed to improve service for users and support the work of library staff. Users will primarily interact with the new catalog, which features a simplified design and easier access to e-books and e-journals.

UChicago News

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has awarded International Student Research Fellowships to three University of Chicago graduate students in the physical sciences, an unprecedented number for the division. The recipients are Di Liu and Boxuan Zhao in chemistry, and Monika Scholz in the biophysical sciences, a joint program of the Biological Sciences Division and the Physical Sciences Division.

UChicago News

Since the late 19th century, UChicago anthropologists, scientists and linguists have found in Mexico’s landscape and culture the opportunity to discover unique environments and populations.


In op-ed, UChicago undergraduate explains how UChicago Summer Service Partnership contributed to community development in South Side neighborhood.

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Summer Links educates students about social justice issues—teaching methods for catalyzing social change through direct service, community organizing, advocacy and activism, public policy, and research and evaluation. This year’s cohort of 30 College students was selected from a pool of 112 and came from diverse backgrounds.