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The University of Chicago financial mathematics team, Absolute Pricer’s, consisting of Yangfan Li, Wuhan Lin, Wenze Xu, and Linge Leng, placed first as the overall regional champion at the 2015 Risk Management Challenge Competition of the Professional Risk Managers International Association held Jan. 23 in Chicago. This is the second year in a row that UChicago financial mathematics students have won this competition.

UChicago News

A new exhibition at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute Museum will offer a glimpse into everyday life in a lively, multicultural city in ancient Egypt. “A Cosmopolitan City: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Old Cairo” features many objects that have never been displayed in the museum before and shows how people of different faiths interacted to create a vibrant society. The exhibition is on view from Tuesday, Feb. 17 through Sept.

UChicago News

Whether caring for Ebola patients, chasing neutrinos deep underground, synthesizing the poliovirus or downgrading weapon-grade uranium, scientists often face high stakes. Yet, despite the risks, they keep working for the greater good.


This last week, the University became aware of threatening and hateful anti-Semitic speech aimed at members of our community, posted on external social media sites.   As we have stated before, acts of hate and threats of violence - anonymous or not - run counter to the values of this University. 

Despite the snow and gray skies, Spring Quarter will be here before you know it. So will the next First Weekend on Friday-Saturday, April 3-4. We need a great event poster design, and that’s where you come in…

We encourage all faculty, students, and staff to use caution as they make their way to classes and work.