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Campus and Student Life is dedicated to helping students, staff, and faculty experience university life at its fullest. We have a profound commitment to the diversity of our community and are focused on creating an environment where you can thrive. Through our wide array of programs and services, we provide opportunities and experiences that build community, help you grow personally and professionally, and create a place that you can call home now and throughout your life.


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Big Brains will tell the stories behind some of the most groundbreaking ideas by scholars at the University of Chicago.

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UChicago supports student-led initiative to provide free lessons on Midway

UChicago News

As part of its ongoing commitment to support all students as they pursue their undergraduate, graduate and professional studies, the University of Chicago has established the UChicago First-generation, Low-income, Immigrant (FLI) Network.


As part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Wrong Way Journey is a story about a young woman who, as a result of college rape, is forced out of naivete into a journey towads healing, wholeness, and liberation, while grappling with spirituality and sexuality as she learns how to adjust to, accept, and reject the world's ideals and expectations.

The Pastora San Juan Cafferty Lecture on Race and Ethnicity in American Life, "Revolutionary Inheritance: Black Professionals and the Black Power Movement," will feature Joyce M. Bell, the Don A. Martindale Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota.

Spirit Week is an annual celebration of spiritual, religious, and philosophical diversity at UChicago.