Bob Petrowski

By Madison Lands

Since 2011, Bob Petrowski has been the Athletic Facilities Manager for Membership Services for the University. He spends his days assisting athletes, gym goers, and students, as well as taking care of the general business needs of the recreational facilities, including marketing, sales, accounting, and staff supervision.

Petrowski studied actuarial science and sports administration, and is invested in making sure that the University can continue to support a strong and engaging fitness program for students.

“Whether you’re a varsity or club athlete, whether you want to take fitness classes or just run on a treadmill, it’s really important to still get that physical activity,” says Petrowski. “You can’t sit in the Reg for 24 hours a day!”

He is enthusiastic about the FitChicago programs, loves intramurals, and supports club sports, often practicing with the men’s club volleyball team. He knows what’s going on in and around the athletics facilities, and serves as a point of contact for everyone from athletics administration to the student athletes and gym patrons. One thing he’s trying to do is improve the student use and popularity of Ratner through programs like O-Week events and Phoenix Fest. He’s seen that success as the number of Ratner users continues to increase.

The people are really what he loves about his job and the University. He is inspired by the students with whom he interacts, and sees how their successes and attitudes influence the staff and faculty. Everyone here wants to succeed, and Petrowski wants the athletics department to help them do so.

“The students are the best and brightest in the world, everyone is coming here, everyone has their own unique backgrounds,” says Petrowski. “It doesn’t matter if they’re a varsity athlete or in a capella or debate. They’re the best at what they do.”

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