Lupe Nieves

by Nicola Brown

Ida Noyes Hall is home to many organizations within the University of Chicago community, including Career Advancement, Spiritual Life, DOC Films, the Pub and other student group offices. It’s a place that is constantly buzzing with activity, and the Office of Event Services makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Lupe Nieves, the Associate Director for the Office of Event Services, oversees the operations of the office, including facility and event logistics, and she says there is never a dull moment. 

“We provide the space for students to practice, to attend lectures, and to network,” she says. “We provide not just the physical space, but also the space to be creative.”

Nieves has been working at UChicago for 14 years and one of her favorite parts is being able to assist students in making their ideas come to life. Their creativity and hard work in their use of the space during events keeps her on her toes.

“I love that this institution promotes critical thinking, encourages you to grow and think outside the box,” Nieves says. “Yes, sometimes that creates challenges, but I love it because there will always be a student who comes in with something different.”

Nieves also serves as a dean-on-call and sexual assault dean-on-call. She brings this perspective to her role in events services, which means she is always thinking about how best to support students during events that touch on controversial topics, how to provide them with a safe space, and how to ensure the events are successful.  Nieves feels these services – and this perspective – are critical in providing comprehensive student support.  

For the future, Nieves and her team are looking at how to accommodate more students in their spaces. 

“With over six thousand bookings this year, it’s exciting to see our growth and our accomplishments and set new goals for next year,” says Nieves. “I always look forward to that.”

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