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Award winners

From June, 2013

Each year, Campus and Student Life honors several staff members for their dedication, care, creativity, and commitment to their work. This year’s Marlene F. Richman and CSL Staff Awards were conferred on Friday, June 21, as part of CSL’s annual picnic. The award recipients are listed below. 

2013 Marlene F. Richman Award

This award was created in honor of Marlene F. Richman, who served students with extraordinary commitment and care during a career that spanned four decades. Marlene was a revered career counselor in the former Career Advising and Planning Services for 36 years and the Resident Master of Burton-Judson during her career at the University of Chicago.

Trudi Langendorf
Assistant Director, University Community Service Center (UCSC) 
Trudi Langendorf was the unanimous choice by a committee of students, Area Deans of Students, and CSL staff members. Students submitted heartfelt nominations, citing Langendorf as a major source of support at the University Community Service Center. 

Nomination excerpts:
“Not only is she the nicest person that I know on campus, she will go to the ends of the earth for her students.”

“I know of no person who is more looked up to as a source of stability and calm.” 

2013 CSL Staff Awards

Outstanding Newcomer Award

Crystal Carlson
Residence Hall Manager, Residential Services
Crystal Carlson joined Residential Services as Residence Hall Manager in March 2012, and has since made significant contributions to the organization. She has shown an initiative to go above and beyond expectations; and exercises and creativity in her work. Her nomination letters highlighted her advocacy and support of staff members that she supervises, her work to enhance culture and improve the residence hall communities in which she works.

Nomination excerpt:
“Crystal works hard to enhance the current culture and ensure a successful future by responsibly and effectively allocating resources to improve the communities she works with. She has a an ever-positive personality, attacks projects with enthusiasm, and is eager to volunteer and be involved in areas outside of her own.”

Innovation Award

Lori Ellerman
Director of Clinical Operations of Student Health and Counseling Services
Lori Ellerman joined SHCS 17 months ago and has worked tirelessly to improve the student experience at Student Health and Counseling Services. She has generated fresh and valuable ideas and used these ideas to develop new or improved processes, methods, systems, programs, and services. Her nominations cite her consistent innovation, focus on student health, and work that has helped to improve customer satisfaction in Student Health Service.

Nomination excerpt:
“Lori has been innovating at Student Health Service since the first day she arrived. From establishing "huddles" comprising every staff member at SHS at the beginning of every day, to piloting a customer satisfaction survey to learn how well Student Health Service is serving students' needs, to putting a nurse on the phones to do direct patient triage, Lori has been a consistent innovator and is largely responsible for the improved customer satisfaction achieved so far in SHS.”

Outstanding Service to the University Community

Lynda Daher
Assistant Director of Student Emergency Response Systems
Lynda Daher joined the University two and a half years ago and has demonstrated concern and commitment to fulfill needs and ensure satisfaction when providing services to members of the University community. Her nominations highlight her work to make the University a safer place, and to spend time with students outside of emergency situations.

Nomination excerpt:
“[Lynda] is always quick to inform the students and staff in our office about new programs and interesting initiatives, and really cares about all of us. I imagine that it would be easy for someone dealing with emergency response to start to see the worst people, but if Lynda feels that way she doesn't let the rest of us see it. Instead she embraces opportunities to spend time with students under happier circumstances, like bringing her dogs to Health Promotion and Wellness's Wellapalooza.”

Outstanding Service to Students

Crystal Coats
Community Services Advisor, University Community Service Center (UCSC)
Crystal Coats has worked at the University for nearly two years. During that time, she has provided outstanding service to individual students or student groups on a consistent basis. Her nomination letters cited how she sets an example for students and supports student communities.

Nomination excerpt:
“Crystal sets an example for all of us students of how we can continue to think creatively about stepping outside of ourselves, our classes, and Hyde Park to learn from and contribute to the broader community in an efficient and meaningful way.”

Stephen P. Klass STAR Award (for Service, Teamwork, Attitude, Reliability)

Jim Wessel
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Housing
Jim has worked at the University for almost eight years with an intense dedication that has grown throughout that time. He has a positive and forward-thinking attitude, has consistently excelled; made outstanding contributions in the area of service, promoted teamwork and collaboration; and worked quietly and often behind the scenes to improve his area. He was recognized for his service, teamwork, attitude, and reliability in his nominations.

Nomination excerpt:
“Residence Heads consider Jim their rock. He is always amazingly cheerful and enthusiastic, and his attitude is infectious to those around him. The room lights up when he enters, whether he is coming into a staff meeting, a hall council meeting, or a smaller meeting to solve a particular problem.”

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