cAlert Communications Update

January 18, 2023

To: All Students
From: Eric Heath, Associate Vice President for Safety and Security and Michele Rasmussen, Dean of Students in the University
Subject: cAlert Communications Update
Date: January 17, 2023

We are writing to inform you of updates to cAlert, the University’s electronic emergency mass notification system.

The University uses the cAlert system to provide notifications and informational updates to enrollees prior to, during, or after an emergency. cAlert updates can be sent through multiple platforms, including cellular and landline phones, email, and other SMS capable devices. Currently, all students are automatically enrolled in the cAlert system with only their UChicago email address provided in the University directory.

To help ensure that all students receive cAlerts in a timely manner and have accurate information to act promptly during an emergency, the University is changing the process by which student’s contact information is uploaded into the cAlert system. Starting this month, personal contact information (mobile phone, tablet, or other SMS capable devices) uploaded by students for use in UChicago’s two-factor authentication (2FA) system will be used to reach students via cAlert. This is in addition to UChicago email addresses.

No action by students is required to effect this change as the contact information upload will be automatic. Since cAlerts are sent rarely (no more than three or four annually in recent years), we do not anticipate that this update will be disruptive. Our goal is to ensure that students receive information about emergency situations quickly and accurately.

For more information about cAlerts and 2FA please follow the links below.

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