Expanded Library Services for Summer and Autumn

June 8, 2021

To: Members of the University Community
From: Ka Yee C. Lee, Provost, and Brenda L. Johnson, Library Director and University Librarian
Subject: Expanded Library Services for Summer and Autumn
Date: June 8, 2021

In keeping with the University’s preparations for Summer and Autumn quarters and the needs expressed by academics, students, and staff, the Library will offer expanded services in the coming months. Library planning includes implementation of all University safety measures. If needed, these plans will be adjusted in response to changing conditions.

One important decision the Library is working through is the choice between full access to the bookstacks or continuation of the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS), which provides temporary special access due to the pandemic to digitized books in the Library’s collections that are still under copyright. Feedback has indicated that there is strong interest in both services. However, due to the conditions under which ETAS was implemented, we will no longer be allowed to provide this special access when the bookstacks are fully open to the University community. The Library therefore plans to pilot limited access to the stacks beginning June 14. This will allow faculty, other academic appointees, students, and staff to continue to use ETAS through July 18 while the Library evaluates whether that is sufficient to meet demand for stacks access. If use of the reservation system demonstrates sustained need for  access to the bookstacks, the Library expects to open the stacks and end HathiTrust ETAS beginning July 19.

Expanded Library services for the summer will be rolled out in two phases:

Summer Phase 1: Beginning June 14

  • Regenstein Bookstacks: In a pilot, a limited number of appointments to browse the bookstacks will be available to faculty, OAAs, and graduate students June 14 through July 18.
    • Use self-checkout kiosks or the Checkout UChicago app to check out books. Please note: Print materials that are accessible online via the HathiTrust ETAS program cannot be checked out.
    • Crerar, Eckhart, and Social Work libraries are working with their building partners to make plans for stacks access.
  • Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Reading Room: Starting July 7, hours will expand for University students, faculty, other academic appointees, and staff.
  • Quarter loans: Books will be automatically renewed until October 1. Borrowers are encouraged to return items earlier if possible.

Summer Phase 2: Beginning July 19

  • Entry to study and work without reservations: Faculty, OAAs, students, and staff will be able to enter Regenstein and Mansueto and use study seats without reservations.
  • Open browsing and checkouts (conditional): If the use of the reservation system demonstrates increased need for access to the bookstacks, we will discontinue the HathiTrust ETAS program and open the stacks to all UChicago faculty, OAAs, students, and staff. No appointments will be necessary. Books and other materials may be checked out at Regenstein using the self-checkout machines or the Checkout UChicago app. If the stacks reservations are meeting patron needs, the Library will continue them until later in the summer and keep making HathiTrust ETAS available.
  • Paging & Pickup: Borrowers will be able to pick up books without a reservation.
  • Entry to dedicated floor for using Zoom without reservations: Regenstein’s 4th floor will continue to be available for those talking on Zoom. Reservations will no longer be required.
  • Faculty studies will reopen for existing and new renters.
  • Locker rental and access to lockers will resume.
  • Regenstein Techbar will reopen, with the date to be determined.

All Summer (Both Phase 1 and 2)

Hours for Regenstein and Mansueto will be similar to Spring Quarter. We are collaborating with our building partners to determine hours at other campus libraries.

The following services will be available all summer:

Autumn Quarter

Services expected to return to pre-pandemic levels. Please consult hours.lib.uchicago.edu for Autumn Quarter hours when they are announced.


If you have questions, contact the Library through its Ask a Librarian service.

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