Housing at UChicago gets new name, website

August 6, 2013

The University of Chicago Monday launched a new College Housing website, dedicated to providing robust resources to current and prospective students and their families, as well as our alumni. The new site helps to convey to prospective and incoming students what it means to join our residential community and better captures the vibrant life and spirit of the College Houses, the communities that undergraduate students live within on campus.

Some improvements include:

  • Home page feature area that helps to tell the College Housing story
  • Updated, easy to use navigation
  • Visual identities for each House community
  • New section focusing on community living
  • Design that incorporates image slide shows, social media and videos
  • Hall and House pages that contain photos and/or video to further enhance each community’s history, culture, traditions, and amenities

The new website also reflects the new identity and logo for undergraduate student housing at the University. Undergraduate housing at the University of Chicago will now be referred to as College Housing, and the College Houses will replace the House System moniker. The new website also includes a new logo, which was designed to reflect the different elements that represent the Houses, Halls, and campus community that come together to shape the identity of College Housing. This change in identity comes after extensive work last year with focus groups of current and former student residents, resident staff, and interviews with parents and alumni.

The College Housing website was put together with work and support of Web Services, UChicago Creative, Campus and Student Life Communications, Residential Services and the College Housing staff.

View the new website: http://housing.uchicago.edu

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