Safety and Security Notice

November 4, 2022

To: Members of the University Community
From: Eric Heath, Associate Vice President for Safety and Security, and Michele Rasmussen, Dean of Students in the University
Subject: Safety and Security Notice
Date: November 3, 2022

Since late September the University has received seven reports of different incidents in which undergraduates suspect they may have had drugs put in their drinks at parties by unknown individuals without their consent. We take these reports very seriously and are alerting the campus community.

In one case that was reported on Tuesday to a Campus Security Authority, an undergraduate student reported that they were likely sexually assaulted in a residence hall room after attending a party that occurred on October 28. The student suspected that a drug was put in their drink without their knowledge. Additional information about this incident is not known at this time. 

The University takes seriously each report of misconduct; such behavior is unacceptable, not tolerated within this community, and may be criminal. If you or anyone you know has experienced such an incident, we encourage you to report or engage with one of the resources listed below.

Campus Resources

The University prioritizes the well-being and safety of its students and community members, and there are a number of resources available for someone who experiences misconduct:

  • If you believe that you or someone you know has consumed a drug without consent and may require assistance, or if you need immediate treatment for serious or critical conditions, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.
    University of Chicago Medicine’s Emergency Department is located at:
    5656 South Maryland Avenue
  • Sexual Assault Deans-on-Call (SADoC). Sexual Assault Deans-on-Call are a confidential resource available 24/7 available to support students who are survivors of gender-based violence. To contact the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call: Call the UCPD Dispatch at 773.702.8181 and ask UCPD to page the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call. The Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call can also be reached via text through the UChicago Safe App.
  • UChicago CARES. The University’s Center for Awareness, Resolution, Education and Support  is committed to preventing and responding to harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct, and provides response and support services as well as resolution options to people who experience misconduct. Community members may contact UChicago CARES to file a report, seek support and resources, or learn more about resolution options.
  • UChicago Student Wellness. Students can receive confidential medical services and mental health services through UChicago Student Wellness.
  • Perspectives (for academics and staff). online. For more information, please visit the Staff and Faculty Assistance Program page on the UChicago Intranet.

Risk Reduction

Victims of crimes are not responsible for offenses committed against them. We want to help members of our community reduce their risk whenever possible, and to look out for others. This includes drinking from sealed beverages, not drinking from punch bowls or other open containers, and never leaving a drink unattended. A spiked drink may cause unexpected levels of intoxication, including elevated disorientation or nausea.

One key way of advancing a community of care at the University is through the use of bystander intervention strategies. While these strategies are not a solution for sexual misconduct, they can be part of a toolkit of resources. Bystander intervention can help students confront harmful behavior, while reinforcing University values to create and maintain a safe and inclusive community. To learn specific bystander intervention strategies, campus groups may request a full workshop on bystander intervention through UChicago CARES Prevention Education and Training.

Making a Report

We encourage all members of the University community to report incidents of potential misconduct as we work to ensure a safe learning environment:

  • To make a police report, contact Chicago Police Department (911) or the University of Chicago Policy Department - 123 from a University phone or 773.702.8181 from other phones. More safety and security information is available at
  • To make a report to the University regarding concerns of harassment, discrimination or sexual misconduct, you may share information online with UChicago CARES.

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