The Pearson Global Forum October 5

October 1, 2018

To: Members of the University Community
From: Daniel Diermeier, Provost, and James Robinson, Institute Director, The Pearson Institute
Subject: The Pearson Global Forum October 5
Date: October 1, 2018

On Friday, October 5, The Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts will host the Pearson Global Forum, an inaugural conference convening international leaders, policymakers, academics and other key stakeholders to discuss and debate issues related to global conflict and breakdowns in social order. We invite the University community and the general public to join this event.

The Forum will take place Oct. 5 at the Logan Center for the Arts from 8 am – 6:30 pm and will include conversations with distinguished special guests such as Tammy Duckworth, U.S. Senator for Illinois, former U.S. Senator George J. Mitchell, who served as Independent Chairman of the Northern Ireland Peace Talks, and Nobel Laureate Roger Myerson, Glen A. Lloyd Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, and presentations on current research from Pearson faculty chairs and faculty affiliates. They will discuss various stages of conflict, including the breakdown, consequences, restoration of social order, and it’s devastating economic, educational, political and human impact. UChicago undergraduate Hazim Avdal also will share his first-hand experience as an Iraqi refugee.

There is a full schedule on the 2018 Pearson Global Forum website, including a registration page. The event also will be livestreamed.

Since September 2015, The Pearson Institute has attracted leading scholars and students who are bringing new, quantitative methodologies to bear on understanding global conflicts. Pearson faculty and faculty affiliates are working around the world in active conflict and post-conflict zones to advance the field of research.

We’d like to thank the Institute’s faculty, faculty affiliates and external advisors who designed a thought-provoking conference that will spark dialogue and new understanding around anticipating, preventing, de-escalating, and resolving conflicts through innovative solutions, resulting in far-reaching impact around the world. We look forward to convening scholars, leaders and practitioners from around the globe in the first annual Pearson Global Forum.

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