UChicago Body Project wins award for Promising Student Health Initiatives

November 20, 2013

The UChicago Body Project, a Health Promotion and Wellness sponsored group that gives students the opportunity to help raise awareness about eating disorders and create a more body positive campus environment, was selected last week for the Chris Labyk Award for Promising Student Health Initiatives at the Mid-Atlantic College Health Association conference. The award is given annually to assist college health programs to undertake pilot interventions, assist with unfunded or under-funded mandates, and pursue important college health objectives that do not currently have sufficient funding.

As part of the award, the project will receive funds to assist in evaluating the program in collaboration with The Eating Disorders Program in the Department of Psychiatry.

In order to educate others about the potential harms, link students to related resources, and build a supportive, inclusive community of students, the UChicago Body Project offers:

• Peer facilitator training
• Peer-facilitated workshops for houses, sports teams, student organizations, and any interested group of students (starting winter 2014)

• Body image discussion groups
• “Body activism” opportunities
• Campus-wide events

 The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness is looking forward to this collaboration and the continued development of this program. Learn more about The Body Project here.