University Resources

As a member of the University of Chicago community, you have the opportunity to experience the advantages of campus and city life with the support of many resources. The University of Chicago has a robust set of systems and practices that support and care for our students and members of the University community. Our intention is to create an environment where all can learn and contribute to the creation of knowledge, and the University seeks to engage and support students while respecting each student’s independence. Although students are trusted to manage their own affairs, including decisions related to academics, financial concerns and personal issues, they have access to extensive University resources and mentors to help with these issues. In addition to providing daily support and engagement, the University also responds quickly when a student needs help. Whether you are a longtime community member or new to the University of Chicago, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the campus, the University transportation systems, the University’s guide to safe urban living, and to get into the habit of taking good care of yourself and your peers. In order for all members of our community to thrive, it is important that each of us is well equipped to successfully navigate our environment. For an overview of the network supporting students, click here.