Natalie Tilghman, Assistant Director - Office of Graduate Affairs

Under Natalie's guidance, the Family Resource Center has grown into a welcoming space on campus where moms and dads can bring children to nurse, change a diaper, or just play. In addition, the Family Resource Center offers a myriad of programmatic elements ranging from puppet shows to musical demonstrations to preschool prep classes to cultural events. These activities serve to enrich the lives of our children, as well as to bring together a community of people with a shared concern for balancing family and school.

Outstanding Newcomer

Robin Graham, Assistant Director - Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

Robin has offered many unique and creative ideas for new initiatives and for ways to solve issues. For example, when faced with multiple requests from internship programs to present to our students, Robin took it upon herself to create a new program in collaboration with CAPS that would allow all of the programs to present to the students at once. Not only was this program a success, but several other internship programs now want to join on the event next year.

Outstanding Service to Students

Ana Vázquez, Deputy Dean of Students and Director - Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

As an advocate for students of color, she also plays the role of mentor to them. One student commented that Ana is "truly invested in hearing what students have to say and thoroughly thinks over their concerns before making any decisions."

Outstanding Service to the University Community

Brian Bock, Facilities Manager - Department of Physical Education and Athletics

Brian's approach to his job equates to his treating the recreational facilities as a small town, where he has invested himself like a "mayor" in getting to personally know many of our members and students by assisting them with their initial introduction to our facilities to helping answer their questions to working to solve facility related issues.

Stephen P. Klass STAR Award (Service, Teamwork, Attitude, Reliability)

Deborah Pratt, Administrative Director - Student Counseling and Resource Service

She deals with troubled students who need to be seen immediately, faculty and staff worried about a particular student, parents or friends of troubled students, or just dealing with different departments in the University in a more directly administrative role. She does all of this with an extraordinary grace and patience. We have many busy, difficult days at SCRS. You would not know if we were having one while you are talking to Deb on the phone.

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