Campus and Student Life Staff Award Winners

Thank you to all the staff and students who nominated deserving individuals for the 2022-2023 Campus and Student Life Staff Awards! This year's winners in each of the five categories are named in the descriptions below.

Innovation Award

This award is given to a staff member who has generated novel and valuable ideas, and has used these ideas to develop new or improved processes, methods, systems, programs, or services. The award recognizes creative ideas that have made UChicago a better place to live and work.

2022-2023 Recipient: Leigh Ann Drevs, Associate University Registrar for Systems & Technology, Office of the University Registrar

Leigh Ann’s many contributions to the Office of the Registrar include rolling out the tool in my.UChicago that allows students to obtain a Metra 10-ride ticket; implementing a new suite of online forms for administrators; and improving the University Registrar’s website, which was featured by the Center for Digital Accessibility’s Success Stories Panel Discussion earlier this year. Nominators praised Leigh Ann for her determination to meet all needs and her innovative thinking, which has resulted in significant updates and improvements that eliminated unnecessary steps and streamlined processes for her colleagues. In her role she has also worked closely with IT Services, ensuring upgrades made to the student portal were completed successfully.   

A colleague described Leigh Ann as “a joy to work with.” Another noted that in her five years at the University, she “has significantly contributed to the student, faculty, and staff experience with my.UChicago and other systems supporting their overall experience.”

Headshot of Leigh Ann Drevs

Outstanding Newcomer Award

This award is given to an outstanding staff member who has worked at least six months but no more than three years in their current department. Nominees must demonstrate excellence in overall job performance; show willingness to assist beyond normal expectations; and show initiative and creativity in his or her work.

2022-2023 Recipient: Cassandra “Cassie” Kramer, Program Coordinator, Campus and Student Life Operations

When describing Cassie’s accomplishments over the last year, several nominators highlighted her willingness to learn, her strong dedication to the University and her colleagues, and her creativity. Since joining CSL, Cassie has designed a new UChicago HELP website; planned a holiday party and the CSL picnic; provided support to the Dean-on-Call programs; assisted HR in interviewing and hiring temporary staff for isolation dorms, conducting reference checks, scheduling HR meetings, and onboarding students; and more. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her and willingly takes on new challenges. Cassie is also admired by her colleagues for her interactions with students, always treating them with compassion and respect.

“Cassie is an exceptional newcomer and the Behar Family House and Edelstone Center would not be the same without her positive energy and commitment to being a collaborative team-player,” one nominator wrote.

“Cassie is curious, energetic, and always willing to roll her sleeves up to partner with others in the pursuit of serving students - she is an excellent collaborator,” said another.

Headshot of Cassie Kramer

Outstanding Service to the University Community Award

This award is given to a staff member who has demonstrated concern and commitment to fulfill needs and ensure satisfaction when providing services to members of the University community including faculty, staff, and students.

2022-2023 Recipient: Andrew “Andy” Hannah, Senior Associate University Registrar for Academic Affairs & Institutional Research, Office of the University Registrar

Andy has dutifully served the University for 43 years and during this time he has made a significant impact on his colleagues. He has served as the acting University Registrar twice and has touched all aspects of the office including quarterly time schedules, registration, grading, certifications, and transcripts. Andy’s history with UChicago has resulted in him becoming the source of historical knowledge for the Registrar’s Office and many of its partners, which has been invaluable for improving processes and policies. He has collaborated closely with Campus and Student Life, the deans of students, academic departments, and many leaders in central administration. Andy was instrumental in the launch of the first electronic PDF transcript, and he led the University’s transition to its new student information system.

One nominator wrote, “Beyond my personal gratitude for Andy's mentorship, he has acted as a trusted, knowledgeable, and collegial contact for countless colleagues across the institution over his decades of service.”   

Other nominators admired Andy for being “generous with his expertise” and noted he would be greatly missed upon his retirement later this year.

Headshot of Andy Hannah

Outstanding Service to Students Award

This award is presented to the staff member who has provided outstanding service to individual students or student groups on a consistent basis, whether through personal advising, development of programs, or improvements to university systems and policies that affect students.

2022-2023 Recipient: Mason Harrington, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Campus North Residential Commons, Housing & Residence Life

Nominators praised Mason for their ability to connect with students on a personal level and fostering a safe and supportive environment. From workshops and seminars to extracurricular activities, Mason has developed programs addressing the needs and interests of all students. Mason actively advocates for improvements that will benefit students and frequently collaborates with other departments, faculty, and administration to identify areas of improvement while offering insights and solutions to prioritize student success. These efforts have led to a more inclusive environment for students.

“Mason has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional support and guidance to individual students and student groups throughout their tenure at our institution. Their dedication and contributions have had a transformative impact on our students' experiences and overall well-being,” said one nominator.

Another wrote, “Their genuine care, exceptional professionalism, and tireless dedication have not only earned the respect and admiration of students but also the entire faculty and staff.”

Headshot of Mason Harrington

Stephen P. Klass STAR Award (for Service, Teamwork, Attitude, Reliability)

In honor of Stephen P. Klass, who served as Vice President and Dean of Students form 2002–2006, this award is given to the staff member who has, with a positive and forward-thinking attitude, consistently excelled, made outstanding contributions in the area of service, promoted teamwork and collaboration, and worked quietly behind the scenes to improve the unit or their department.

2022-2023: Derek Bundy, Associate Director of Operations, Campus and Student Life

In the last year, Derek has taken on tremendous responsibility while serving as the Associate Director of Operations for CSL and Interim Director of Student Centers simultaneously. In addition to serving in both roles, he is also a Dean-on-Call and one of the leaders of CSL’s Aspiring Leaders program. Nominators described Derek as dependable, dedicated, positive, responsible, caring, supportive, and as a team player and mentor. He was praised for always being available to his team members despite carrying a heavy workload and for providing support in challenging times. Derek serves as a valuable campus partner to multiple departments and is often the first to offer assistance wherever he is needed.  

“Derek's teamwork is in the top tier of professionals I have worked with. He is always ready to lend a hand, share his expertise, and jump in to do almost any task when needed,” wrote one colleague.

Another nominator said, “Everything that Derek does is done with integrity, hard work and an empathic and caring attitude towards everyone around him.”

Headshot of Derek Bundy

2022-23 Nominees

The following individuals were also nominated for CSL Staff Awards in 2022-23:

  • Kristina Baker, UChicago Dining
  • Letitia Bennett, Student Wellness
  • Carla Bolek, Student Wellness
  • Shevy Booze, Housing & Residence Life
  • Stephanye Branch, Student Disability Services
  • Amie Clark, Center for Leadership and Involvement
  • Allyson Gregory, Athletics & Recreation
  • Sarah Hussain, Center for Leadership and Involvement
  • Mischa Kasperan, Office of International Affairs
  • Arthur Lundberg, Office of the Bursar
  • Bridget Marley, Student Wellness
  • Sheryl McEwen, UChicago Dining
  • Nilda Mestey, Student Wellness
  • Matt Powers, UChicago Dining
  • Edwina Quansah, Student Wellness
  • Sam Ryland, Student Wellness Center
  • Tania Sainvilier, UChicago HELP
  • Morgan Severeid, Student Disability Services
  • Christopher Toote, UChicago Dining
  • Rey Villalobos, UChicago Dining
  • Corey Winters, International House

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