Innovation Award

Stacey Ergang, Office of the Reynolds Club & Student Activities 

The Innovation Award recognizes Stacey Ergang for her design and implementation of the Gilbert F. White Leadership Program. Over the course of two quarters, Stacey worked with 30 undergraduate students in weekly group sessions and at a retreat to engage them in learning and developing critical thinking skills, group problem-solving and conflict management skills, and knowledge and understanding of diverse leadership concepts. In founding a successful leadership program, as in all the projects she takes on, Stacey has exceeded the expectations of her supervisors and colleagues.

Outstanding Newcomer

Lauren Baker, Career Advising and Planning Services 

Since she joined CAPS in September 2007 Lauren Baker has been responsible for managing key recruiting relationships and for assisting students in their efforts to achieve their career goals. She has consistently demonstrated strategic vision, great leadership and thoughtful execution of her responsibilities. The Outstanding Newcomer Award recognizes her commitment to creating strong employer relationships and her willingness to go above and beyond the requirements of her job. 

Outstanding Service to Students

Norma Carmona, Student Loan Administration 

For the past 21 years University of Chicago students have been fortunate to have Norma Carmona working on their behalf to maintain and improve access to financial aid. Norma goes above and beyond her already outstanding level of professionalism and service. She is known to be a good listener and attends to students in urgent situations with empathy and when necessary makes emergency funds available. The role she plays is vital to student life and she fills it does an exceedingly good job of meeting the needs of the student community. 

Outstanding Service to the University Community

Tamara Felden, Office of International Affairs 

As Director of the Office of International Affairs Tamara Felden has gone above and beyond the call of duty in her efforts to stream-line processes and enhance services provided by OIA to students, faculty, administrators and staff. Under her direction, OIA has developed mechanisms for ongoing collaboration with departments such as International House, Student Counseling and Resource Service and CAPS, as well as the academic units. Joint programming maximizes efficiencies and has positive spillover effects for both the international faculty and students who are being served and the staff whose job it is to provide those services. The enhancements made under Tamara's direction in providing superior services to the University community are truly outstanding.

"STAR" Award (Service, Teamwork, Attitude, Reliability)

Celia Bergman, Office of Campus and Student Life

Celia Bergman demonstrates a remarkable level of respect in all of her interactions with students, faculty and staff. She is able to maintain a patient and kind demeanor under all circumstances, which makes her effective even in situations that could be characterized by frustration. She meets the needs of all groups involved in negotiations by calmly reinforcing her requests and by listening. Students are fortunate to have Celia working quietly behind the scenes on their behalf, and her colleagues are grateful for her gracious presence.

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