Innovation Award

Jeffrey Howard, Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Student Life

The Innovation Award recognizes Jeff for creating novel and creative ideas that have improved the University of Chicago and made it a better place to live and work.  Jeff has been tirelessly working over the past three years to help build the Office of LGBTQ from a dream that many students had to what it is today.  Jeff's role in the University has been groundbreaking due to the creation of Queer 101, an information session where students learn about their mental and physical health; Queer Compass, a guide that students can use to reference any information about UChicago; an advisory board to provide a formal process to voice concerns; and, a resource for transgendered students to navigate the University.

Outstanding Newcomer Award

Ravi Randhava, Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities

Ravi is the winner of the Outstanding Newcomer Award due to his outstanding contributions since joining the University of Chicago in November 2010.  Ravi is beloved by students  and colleagues alike and has been a proactive member of the Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities (ORCSA).  He has initiated new ideas and was an indispensable member of the Committee on Recognized Student Organizations (CORSO) by organizing the RSO Fair and managing the nominations process for the CORSO Awards.  Ravi has been a bridge builder and helped create a successful co-advising model with regards to the cultural and publications groups he advises.  Ravi has made a strong effort to connect with the students by helping them figure out how to navigate structure, bureaucracy, and the UChicago way of doing things, while strongly encouraging them to be successful.  Ravi's humility and willingness to assist beyond expectations are just some of the traits that make him an outstanding newcomer to Campus and Student Life.

Outstanding Service to the University Community

Jennifer Kennedy, Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities

Jen is the winner of the Outstanding Service to the University Community award due to her commitment to fulfilling needs and ensuring satisfaction when providing services to members of the University community. Jen has exemplified courage and grace in her role. She bridges the gap and helps all of ORCSA understand and navigate the complicated world of Facilities Services while always having time for the students that drop by either looking for coaching or because of her former role as Activities Advisor.  Jen is very knowledgeable and willing to guide students through every step of the process when planning events.  She is extremely approachable and has forged new bonds that previously did not exist.  She is deft at engaging students and clearly meets the criteria of providing outstanding service to the community.

Outstanding Service to Students

Eric Jackson, Residential Commons

Eric is recognized with the Outstanding Service to Students award because of his outstanding work as a housekeeper in the Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons.  No matter how tired or stressed the South Campus residents are in the morning, Eric is always there with a cheery hello, a bit of conversation, or some useful advice on how to get through the latest little obstacles in life.  His friendly and positive demeanor has been integral to making the house and dorm experience a very happy one.  The exemplary service Eric consistently provides makes him well deserving of this award.

Stephen P. Klass STAR Award (for Service, Teamwork, Attitude, Reliability)

Jason Coleman, Physical Education & Athletics

Jason works as an Assistant Director for Physical Education and Athletics. Visiting teams are always commenting on his professionalism and attention to details during their visits to campus. The department looks to Jason as the Facilities "go-to guy" as he has the ability to address the vast majority of facilities-related issues. He is extremely reliable, never once failing in his responsibility to open the facilities on time during the weekend.  He is always willing to step up to tackle various projects and issues.  Jason has actively worked to become involved on various committees throughout campus as a whole, promoting Athletics offerings, advocating for facilities needs, and developing new relationships.  Jason also has the envious ability to see the positive in any situation. He is truly deserving of the STAR Award.

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