Where to Find Support and Report Online Harassment

While this is not a common occurrence, students and other members of our community who publish articles, provide expert commentary, or are active on social media can become targets for online harassment.

Online harassment can take on different forms, including, but not limited to, trolling, cyber-bullying, or doxing. Though generally short in duration, these situations can be very intense, alarming, and disruptive to an individual, as well as to the campus as a whole.

When these situations occur, it’s not always wise to attempt to deal with trolling or doxing on your own, as responding directly to attackers can prolong and inflame the situation. If you experience online harassment, we encourage you to immediately contact your dean of students or the dean-on-call to report the incident, and to review What To Do If You Are a Victim of Online Harassment for additional guidance and resources.

Please note, this process is specifically for reporting incidents of cyber-bullying, doxing, or trolling. It is NOT the process for reporting conduct that violates or may violate the University’s harassment/discrimination policy.

  • Report concerns about harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct here.
  • Report concerning behavior by a University community member here.

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