Athletics & Recreation

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UChicago students have access to an impressive array of sports and fitness facilities, programs, and services through Athletics & Recreation. Whether you play on an intramural broomball team with members of your House or represent the University as a Varsity athlete, fitness and sports can play an important role in your health and wellbeing. Students also get the chance to meet and socialize with other members of the University community.

Opportunities through Athletics & Recreation include:

  • Varsity Sports: UChicago sponsors twenty varsity sports that compete within the NCAA Division III and the University Athletic Association (UAA) Conference.
  • Intramural Sports: Intramural sports are a fun way to build community, socialize with others, and stay active. UChicago offers more than thirty-two intramural sports each year.
  • Sport Clubs: Sport Clubs generally fall under two levels of participation: Athletic Clubs, which engage students in extramural competition with other clubs, colleges, and universities; and Recreational Clubs, which place their emphasis on the acquisition of skills and strategies.
  • Fitness Facilities: UChicago students, faculty, staff, and community members have access to an array of fitness facilities through Athletics & Recreation, including the Ratner Athletics Center, the Myers-McLoraine Pool, and the Henry Crown Field House. UChicago students are also eligible to purchase personal training services.
  • FitChicago: The FitChicago program offers free drop-in group fitness classes. Participation is open to students, faculty, and community members.