Leadership & Involvement

  • UChicago Leads program

    Students participate in the UChicago Leads Pre-Orientation Program.

  • Student-run coffee shop

    The Harper Cafe, one of the four student-run coffee shops on campus.

Numerous programs provide students with expansive opportunities to engage with diverse people, ideas, and cultures. Students can build leadership skills while expanding their local understanding and global perspective.

  • Students can explore their interests through more than four hundred Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), that touch on a range of topics, from academic interests and community service to fine arts and politics. The Center for Leadership and Involvement (CLI) supports these organizations to help them achieve their goals and provide quality co-curricular experiences for their members.
  • CLI also oversees UChicago Leads, the central home to the student leadership development programs at the University. The programs and services offered through UChicago Leads seek to develop leadership capacities such as innovation, humility, resilience and adaptability, and interpersonal skills. As an umbrella program, UChicago Leads includes leadership development programs, student organization training, and advising for RSO leaders.
  • The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is comprised of more than 100 undergraduate students. USG works closely with other students and student groups to identify important issues on-campus and throughout the broader community to develop and implement tangible and ambitious policy solutions.
  • Graduate Council is made up of a leadership team and 33 elected representatives from the university's 12 graduate schools and divisions. Graduate Council's mission is to create a university-wide identity and culture by building a welcoming graduate community, empowering interdisciplinary collaboration, and opening lines of communication across campus.
  • The Student Centers currently oversees four student-run coffee shops located across UChicago. Students oversee the day-to-day operations of the shops, including hiring, scheduling, ordering of inventory, stocking, and serving patrons. Each of these student employment opportunities within the coffee shops exists for the same purpose: to provide campus employment but also skill development and workplace experience for students.

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